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  1. Coffee Cat
    Coffee Cat
    *puts on her Astralis t-shirt* I'm soooo ready for Blast PRO Series tonight. Heck yeah! :D
  2. N1c3WH
    Hi guys, iam new here :)
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    2. Gobb
      Welcome to SD! If you have any questions, need help or anything, feel free to let me know!
      Mar 21, 2019 at 10:00 AM
    3. Coffee Cat
      Coffee Cat
      Hello and welcome~ I hope you enjoy it here :)
      Mar 21, 2019 at 11:43 AM
  3. Dessie
  4. Gobb
    Gobb Blazing Storm
    Now that's a name I haven't seen in a while, but needs to be BLAZING STORM
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    2. Blazing Storm
      Blazing Storm
      become gobb01 first
      Mar 19, 2019 at 9:23 AM
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    3. Gobb
      Mar 19, 2019 at 9:25 AM
    4. Joji
      Mar 19, 2019 at 5:16 PM
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  5. Gobb
    Gobb Dannie
    Happy Birthday, bro. Have a good one!
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    2. Joji
      Happy B-day Dannie-boy
      Mar 19, 2019 at 5:16 PM
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    3. Dannie
      thanks yall
      Mar 19, 2019 at 11:33 PM
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  6. Gobb
    Gobb Mahesvara
    Haven't seen you in forever, but happy brithday, mate.
    1. Joji
      Hasppy B-day ript guy
      Mar 19, 2019 at 5:16 PM
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  7. Coffee Cat
    Coffee Cat
    I'm so sorry for not being online. I had a lot of sh** raining down my parade. Ahh hah, I'm trash -.-;
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    2. upsurge
      Mar 15, 2019
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    3. Joji
      Welcome backk!! I hope you are having a great time now!
      Mar 15, 2019
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    4. Coffee Cat
      Coffee Cat
      Thanks Joji! I am it's amazing here
      Mar 16, 2019
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  8. Alexanpt
    is a Fairy Tail mage! Who is looking for a Japanese translator, I can do the rest.
  9. Joji
    Someone buy me DmC 5, I offer lots of love, arigathanks.
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    2. Gobb
      no way fag
      Mar 14, 2019
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  10. upsurge
    upsurge Errant Singularity
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    3. upsurge
      12 years, man. 12 long years. We finally get to play Halo 3 on PC.
      Mar 13, 2019
    4. Errant Singularity
      Errant Singularity
      Still will be a good experience I bet.

      I love when parts of the community help in development, it makes games and movies etc just more natural.
      Mar 13, 2019
    5. upsurge
      Letting members of a fandom participate in development processes means that the game devs/publishers are taking the project seriously and are genuinely listening to the fans' complaints.

      However, I must disagree with community participation in movie-making. The story-tellers must tell the stories they want to tell, and not give in to fanservice. Can you imagine a Star Wars movie made with community help? It'd essentially be a terrible and soulless fanfiction.
      Mar 13, 2019
  11. Kagerou
    Kagerou Kame
    what's your new discord you ******* muppet
    1. Kame
      Mar 12, 2019
  12. Kame
    1. Kagerou
      what's your new discord
      Mar 10, 2019
  13. Princess Kaguya
    Princess Kaguya Ethereal
    I love your profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:autisticcat
  14. Princess Kaguya
    Princess Kaguya Airi
    I miss you, Airi Chan. T_T
  15. Princess Kaguya
    Princess Kaguya TNC 13
    Where you at? T_T