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Ashgate FAQ & Rules

Discussion in 'The Database' started by Aeryn, May 26, 2017.

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  1. Aeryn daydream in blue

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    You awaken in a small, dimly lit room. The first thing you notice is the throbbing pain in your head. As you sit up, you take a look at what is around you - a small desk, a chair, and the bed you are currently sitting on. Over on the wall opposite you, there is a door.

    What do you do?


    What is this?
    This is a role play orientated event where players will be able to chose what to do and where to go. As the GM, I will be creating the scenarios and story according to your actions in the game. Players will be presented with different scenarios that they must find a way to progress through. Some will be simple, but some scenarios will require coming together to try and make the best choice possible.

    How do I play?
    To progress, players must take 'action'. You can use these actions, like this - for example:

    >examine desk

    As the GM, I will respond to your actions with additional information. You are free to interact with your environment as you wish. There will also be an inventory system, since you are able to find items that you can use, or possibly combine to make a new item.

    Here are some examples of other actions you can play to advance to game:
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    Some basic ones:

    So, for example - if you want to look search the drawers in the desk, you could use:
    >search desk drawer

    If there were two different paths to take, you could also do:

    What happens if we mess up?
    The world I am placing the players in is full of dangers. Dying and ending the game early is a possibility. However, if you haven't reached the end of a scenario, I will simply reset the game and players will have to start over. Most of your items will be lost on death. Think of it like "Return by Death" in Re:Zero. You'll still have the knowledge, but you'll have to start over. One vital difference being is that not everything will be exactly the same as it was from your previous life. Scenarios, locations - and even items may change. It won't be a simple matter of repeating it over and over until you get the right choice!

    This sounds hard, I don't think I get it!
    I will be making the first scenario pretty easy - think of it as a tutorial and a chance to learn how to play the game. After that, things will get harder, and I hope you guys will start discussing among you what would be the best choice to take!

    So.... what do I get for playing?
    Everyone will be getting a small amount of Keno for participating in the event, given that they have contributed to the game and played actions. The will be a required amount of activity needed to earn rewards, similar to Mafia games. It is entirely possible that players can find Keno bonuses in game, which I will add together after the game ends and split it between each active player upon completion of the scenario!

    I'm also hoping to have a medal ready for this event. Everyone who participates will be awarded this medal.

    I want to participate, but I'm worried about my activity!
    You don't need to worry. Each scenario should be long enough that you should have enough time to meet the minimum criteria for activity. I'll be judging what exactly these will be during the coming scenario, and will decide on it at a later date.

    Critical Moment? What is this?
    Consider it a warning. Sometimes I will warn the players that the current situation is a "critical moment". This could be for a great deal of reasons - and serves as a push for participants to discuss their next move carefully before playing actions at random.
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