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Assassin Game Guide Discussion

Discussion in 'Mafia Management And Support' started by Rohan, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Rohan Guest

    So, @Cow and @Nikamara we need to make an Assassin Game guide. I added you guys to this project because you two were the only ones who were interested in making a guide. Considering that a majority of the guide will be done by @Nikamara , you will be the one posting all the content in the guide.

    A basic setup that you can follow for the guide is to make post specific sections.

    Game Mechanics
    and so on.

    Once you are done with a particular section, keep on posting it in a thread in this section: https://www.sugoidesu.net/forums/mafia-management-and-support-center.206/

    This thread will be used for Discussion and planning purposes.
  2. Rohan Guest

    Some tips to follow:-

    Guide must be simple and not too complicated.
    Guide must focus on Vanilla Game Format, specific mod gameplay changes should not be included.
  3. Nikamara Department of Fabulous

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