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Rules Avatar Of The Week Rules

Discussion in 'Contests & Events' started by Aeryn, Oct 30, 2017.

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  1. Aeryn daydream in blue

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    The Three Golden Rules
    1. Do not copy the work of other users. We do not tolerate plagiarism. Stylistic similarities are allowed, to a degree - but please avoid blatantly ripping them off.
    2. No trolling, or otherwise derogatory commentary. Participants in AOTW have different levels of skill and have different tools at their disposal. It is unfair to these users to bully them or otherwise discourage them from participating based on their skill.
    3. Enjoy yourself! While this is a contest, it is also just a gathering of people who want to have fun making Avatars! Give it your best, learn something new or try out a new technique!

    Avatar Guidelines
    • Finished avatar needs to be in .png format.
    • Please upload your submission to imgur (or similar sites) before submitting.
    • Avatar must be in the forum dimensions. That can be anywhere between:
      • 150x250 (Minimum)
      • 180x360 (Maximum)
    • You are allowed to use stocks and renders that fit the theme of the contest.
    • No troll picks. This means intentionally using an image of poor quality, or an image intentionally used to bait for votes because it is funny.
    • The voting starts immediately after the submission period ends.
    • If the number of contestants in greater then 5, users will be given the ability to use two votes.
    • It is frowned upon to vote for your own work. Don't do it.
    • Try not to vote for the work of a person that you recognize! It is unfair to the other contestants.
    • The prize information will be shared publicly in the AOTW Sign-Ups Thread. Generally we will give out the same amount of prizes every week, but we will give out bigger prizes for special occasions or during holiday themed contests.
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