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RP Rules Buko No Hero RP [Maps]

Discussion in 'The Database' started by Punk, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Punk Panda 1 Konobi

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    Generic Maps:​

    There are 5 generic maps: Forest, Rocky Lands, Blizzard, City, and UA School. When going to a mission you will go to one of these maps but when battling a player, PvP, you can make yo're own map, as long as you provide a picture of it and description of it.

    Forest Map:

    A tree filled landscape that hosts one of the oldest and tall trees. This forest is dark in certain areas(deep within the forest) and bright in other areas(near the boundaries of the forest). This forest is host to one of the oldest thought to be extinct

    Rocky Lands Map:

    A Rocky like dead land, blowing with dry hot winds from the south. This rocky landscape is the perfect place for battles and is know for hiding lots of criminal activity within itself.

    Blizzard Map:

    Snow filled land, never above 20 degrees, the sun hardly shines within this land. This blizzard map has constant blizzards which increase the degrees by 30 every time they are active. Snowy animals lurk here as well.

    City Map:
    Rich Side

    A futuristic heroic city filled with lots of heros, pros mostly, and has little to no crime within itself. This city is a safe heaven for most heros and holds a little to no crime rate. This map is filled with futuristic buildings and lots of citizens.

    City Map:
    Poor Side

    Most cities look like these, and this place is where most of the villains organizations begin. High crime rate is notable here and lots of homeless are seen. This map consists of lots of alleyways, lots of parked never going to be used again cars are here and also gangs and police having countless battles.

    UA School Map:

    The UA school map has lots of rooms filled with countless of classes and activities. This map has thousands of different environments within it, all battles done within this map(if Hero v Hero) is unofficial and you will not gain XP from it.

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