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Guide Death Note RPG Games and MVP List

Discussion in 'Grand Library' started by SK, Nov 24, 2015.

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  1. SK SoulKiller

    Trophy Points

    Here i will be listing the names of the MVP player for every single DN game that happens ^^

    players who get selected as the MVP get this precious award : [​IMG]
    Death Note Game 1 hosted by @Rohan, MVP : @Minato Namikaze

    Death Note Game 2 hosted by @Chibi, MVP : @Monstaa

    Death Note Game 3 hosted by @Rohan, MVP : @Venomous Cobra

    Death Note Game 4 hosted by @Rohan, MVP @Gov. Sarah Palin

    Death Note Game 5 hosted by @Rohan, MVP - None.

    Code for future additions :-

    Code for future additions (open)

    [URL="Put Game Thread Link here"]Death Note Game Number[/URL] hosted by @Host Name, MVP @MVP'S Name
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