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Eiichiro Oda interview VOLUME 85.

Discussion in 'One Piece' started by JoeJoe, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. JoeJoe

    JoeJoe from the east blue

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    Question: There are some characters who resemble Opera in chapter 845.

    Oda: Big Mom is 68 years old now. She has been (was) giving birth to babies about for 42 years.

    Opera was born as quintuplets.

    Opera (5th son)

    Counter (6th son)

    Cadenza (7th son)

    Cavarette (8th son)

    Gara (9th son)

    The highest record of Big Mom's multiple births is 10 (one more than nonuplets) children at one time. The children are now 18 years old.

    Question: If Doflamingo took off his glasses, how would he look like?

    Oda: Another glasses appear under the glasses instantly. (Oda draws the pic. lol)

    Question: You said Zoro doesn't eat ice in the previous SBS, but he ate it in chapter 701.

    Oda: Maybe the person in chapter 701 is not Zoro..


    Inuarashi (October 11st)

    Sora (July 9th)

    Pandaman (February 29th)

    Question: Why does Big Mom call herself "Ore" (おれ) despite her being female?

    Oda: I've heard that both male and female sometimes called themselves "Ore" long ago. Even now, it is commonly used in some areas in Japan.

    Question: Who is the fastest crewmate when they run 50-meter race?

    Oda: It's hard to answer..

    1 Brook

    2 Sanji

    3 Luffy

    4 Chopper

    5 Zoro

    6 Usopp

    7 Nami

    8 Robin

    9 Franky

    • Brook is fast since his body weight is light.

    • Chopper would be ranked higher if he uses Walk Point. (another translation: Chopper is ranked high because he can use Walk Point.)

    • Zoro would be ranked higher in the shorter distance race since he would not be off the track. lol

    • Franky is ranked low since he is heavy.
    Question: Why doesn't Sanji's eyes turn into hearts when he is talking with Reiju?

    Oda: That's how it is with brothers/sisters, right?

    I used to get in numerous fights with my elder sister when I was a kid. It would be weird if Sanji turns his eyes into hearts to talk with Reiju.

    • The girl in chapter 651 is the same person as Pudding.

    • Mink Tribe can eat birds, reptiles and amphibians except animals with hair.
    Question: How can I become a editor in Jump? Did editors graduate from famous colleges?

    Oda: I can feel your seriousness. It's true that Shueisha has many highly educated editors, but most of them are perverts. You have a possibility to enter Shueisha if you graduate from a four‐year college. I hope you will become ONE PIECE editor without becoming a pervert in the future.

    Question: The 2nd division commander before Ace is me.

    Oda: You're kidding!!

    Question: Where should I display my Nami character figure?

    Oda: Who knows!!

    That's 1 month old,I totally didn't see that from KOL...thought to share it in case you haven't seen.
  2. Crimson Falcon pussy lounge

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    Seen it.

    He better add some cool character with the same birthday as me, so far only some fodder dickweed has it.
  3. Drewan Newbie Member

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    Oda's interviews are always interesting.

    Thank you for sharing it!

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