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Favorite video games

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by loj, May 14, 2017.

  1. ッCrimsonReaper

    ッCrimsonReaper Eremika is the real OTP

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    Quick run-up
    Mass effect trilogy: felt attached to the characters especially garrus and tali, the humor, the dialogue, the script were all well written. The story was just amazing, the stakes were high and it felt as if i was the one responsible for the entire galaxy's fate and despite what many people say i kind of like mass effect 3's ending.

    The Last of us: an emotional roller coaster packed with drama, humor and tragedy, everything that you could wish for. A story between an old broken man and a young naiive girl who eventually matures and ultimately becomes Joel's adopted daughter. What makes The last of us stand out from the rest imo is it's character development and it's depiction of how gritty and cruel the world can be.

    Warcraft 3: i love warcraft's lore i love illidan stormrage and how he'd do anything to save his people even shunned by the people he's trying to save(hate you tyrande and malfurion). It's lore is so intricate from the orcs to sylvanas and arthas. I just love it.

    World of Warcraft until wrath: addictive gameplay, what can i say. i loved grinding gear, doing dungeons and raids, farming gold to buy potions and enchantments. man those were the days.

    Witcher 3: Game has infinite replayability and so much content and things to do. I love how i can shape my story, i love it's love triangle, i love ciri with all my heart and i love you cd projekt, probably the most customer friendly game developing company on the market right now.
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  2. Z E N ꜰ ᴀ ʟ ᴄ x ɴ ᴇ

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    Assassin's Creed II - Being my first Assassin's Creed experience, it was fantastic and super memorable. Back when the franchise wasn't exhausted and sucked dry by Ubisoft's greed and lack of care, this is probably the best Assassin's Creed game Ubisoft ever produced, from a literary standpoint. The story was relatively simple, yet complex, having a wonderful allure in its cross between historical and modern settings that tackle timeless issues. Though technologically flawed, its good qualities far do outshine those flaws. It's the only game I've gotten 100% of the trophies for. Unless you count the Telltale Batman game, which I don't, because you Platinum for finishing it.

    Batman: Arkham City - I wasn't a very big fan of Arkham Asylum at first, because I never really adjusted to the style of gameplay, but when I did, I was practically addicted to it. This game expanded on the gameplay elements of Asylum and made it even better. The story and atmosphere, whilst weaker than Asylum, are well done. I replayed this game, along with Assassin's Creed II, many times.

    Pokemon: D/P/P/SS - I invested hundreds of hours into each of these games, they were the best pastime, both at school and home. I had so much fun shaping and creating my adventures, overcoming the challenges and playing with friends. They were great.

    Spider-Man 2 (PS2) - This was just addicting, and the only game I really played super often when I had a PlayStation 2. The open-world swinging by itself was enough for me to spend hours doing, but the other activities made it even more enticing.

    Might update this after I finish Persona 5 and my 5th NG+ run of FFXV.
  3. Skorm

    Skorm Spirited Away

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    Majora's Mask
    My favourite game in the Zelda-franchise because of the dark and not cliché story mostly. Even though it was on the N64(i don't really liked the controls tbh) it's still probably my favourite game.
    Fable: TLC
    The original fable game for the Xbox with The Lost Chapters DLC is also a contender for my favourite game of all time. The atmosphere was brilliant, you could chose to be good or evil(i was obviously always evil) and i thought it was a really big game at the time. Since it was a full RPG game where you could make a lot of choices the game just got bigger.
    Zone of the Enders: 2nd Runner
    A game i bet no one has ever heard of. Was made by the same guy who made Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima but it's a standalone series. I never played the first game but just bought the second one for no apparent reason. Nobody has talked about it or anything but yeah, the game itself has great moments of anime and the combat is just amazing. Fast pace, extremely satisfying robot-smashing RPG.
    A Link to the Past & Ocarina of Time
    I can't really decide which one i like the most out of these two tbh. The former one i feel has the better atmosphere, while latter one has the music and great story(though way more cliché than Majora's Mask). Well they both have pretty cliché storys but they're still really great.
    Gears of War 1-2
    I never played the third one so i don't credit it. This series is probably the most satisfying shooter i've played ever with chainsaw assault rifles and gore. The combat system and story was top noch and i'd still pop in these games any day.
    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    My favourite of the Castlevania series. One of my first Playstation games i played and boiii it's amazing. The atmosphere and music is insanely good and the RPG elements are there too. It's my favorite side-scrolling game with amazing graphics(at the time atleast) where you play as Alucard U_U.
    The Last of Us
    Where to begin with this one. Very dramatic thriller game with probably one of the best stories in a game ever. The way you progress in the game is linear(just like the Uncharted games, which btw is made from the same creator) and it's not an RPG in the same way that you make a lot of choices all the time and build your own character but you still make very important choices in the game. The combat system is great and reminds of Uncharted. It's a way darker tone than those games though with a dystopian tone. It's also, at times, extremely scary.
    Amazing graphics, amazing characters, amazing story and amazing plot. What more could you ask for? This series rivals my liking to that of the Zelda series only and i honestly don't know which one i like the most. Uncharted 2 is probably top third game for me. The engineering and game design is staggering and the puzzles, jumps, combat scenes are breathtaking.
    Halo 1-3 & Reach
    The real Halo games. My first real introduction to the FPS genre was on the Xbone and i played Combat Evolved so damn much when it came out and its first year. The games have amazing story and amazing gameplay. They also have their fair share of thrilling elements and gory ones. The multiplayer was great as well.
    Probably my most played game of all time, along Destiny.. This is an amazing game that just never ends. The mod support is amazing and the groundbreaking huge-ness this game delivered when it was released is still bigger than some games that are released today.
    Dragon Age: Inquisition
    First game i played i the series. I love this game to the extensive selection of choices. Lovely characters and really nice story. Huge playable area and great roaming freedom.

    I can list more but **** it, maybe later z.z
  4. loj

    loj from the east blue

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    No Destiny? Wew
  5. Skorm

    Skorm Spirited Away

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    It's just a very addictive game tbh. It's not in my top ten.
  6. Aeryn

    Aeryn Necronomicon Tickle Tentacles

    Guild Wars 2 - I got this as a gift a few years ago and I basically haven't stopped playing. Would bend over a table for Canach.

    Mass Effect Series - I love everything about this series. Thane is the one true husbando, would bend over a table for.

    Final Fantasy VIII & X - While my all time favourite is actually FFIX, I have to put this on my list because Laguna & Auron are top tier Husbandos that I would marry and grow old with. 11/10 would let them bend me over a table.

    Spyro 1-3 - I can't stop replaying these games every few years. I just love everything about them. Idk about you, but this little purple ball of sass is a badass tbh.

    Ar Tonelico Series - I fell in love with this series because of the music. After playing one, my life has probably never been the same, lmao. The thought and care that goes into all of the hymnnos songs, as well as the feelings expressed, how they all tie into the lore and tell stories... it's just amazing. I can't get enough of the world that they have built. The lore, the different languages, the amount of detail that they have put into "Sound Science" and how everything in that Universe is supposed to work never ceases to amaze me.

    Persona & SMT - These games just have a knack for completely satisfying every need and want I could ever have when it comes to gaming.

    Plants vs Zombies - I LIKE YOUR TYPE - TALL, DARK AND DEAD. YOU WANT TO EAT ALL THE PETALS OFF OF MY HEAD. AND THEN EAT THE BRAINS OF THE ONE WHO PLANTED ME HEREEEEEEEEEEEEE. I have like 200+ hours in this game, I think that speaks for itself.

    Bravely Default/Second - Both of these games left me amazed, speechless and overwhelmed with feelings.

    Child of Light - This game was magical, fantastical, and downright amazing. The Soundtrack is a must-have.

    Etrian Series - I can not get enough to these games. There is just something appealing about first person dungeon crawling that really ignites the adventurer in me. Yuzo Koshiro - one of the most influential chiptune and video game composers in the industry - does the music for these games.

    Odin Sphere - I had trouble putting this game down. The story, the characters and the world sucked me in so hard that when I had gotten to the end (And went for the optional secret ending) I cried, and I cried, and then I cried some more. Will always be one of my favourite games.

    Analogue: A Hate Story / Hate Plus - I've been astounded by games. Amazed. Some games have stabbed me in the gut and left me for dead. (To The Moon) - other have made me sit there and bawl my eyes out. These.... made me angry. These made me want to grab my darling waifu's through the screen and hug them. They made me consider violence and revenge. They were an unforgettable experience.

    Hatoful Boyfriend - I spent the first 30 minutes in this game having an amazing time playing this pigeon dating simulator. I spent the rest of time wondering why certain things were out of place, howled with laughter, ate my senior, willingly tried to **** a psychopath, and then sat and watched in awe through the entire BBL Route as my theories about the game were either smashed to pieces or confirmed.

    Beyond Good & Evil - There is just something alluring about this game that makes me keep coming back to it. It's one of my all time favourites, and I legitimately went crazy when I watched the announcement

    Other honorable mentions:
    • Crypt of the Necrodancer
    • Cave Story
    • Bastion
    • Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery
    • Saints Row
    • Borderlands
    • Notch - The Innocent LunA: Eclipsed SinnerS

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