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I'm leaving.

Discussion in 'Yo!' started by Joji, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Joji

    Joji from the east blue

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    I think this is a perfect section for this thread.

    After 14,863 posts and 3 years I think it's time to say goodbye. I had big hopes for this site after coming from NB,I really did have big hopes,even though I knew I'm coming to a site where Kame and Kaito were admins and people who created this site. Despite all that I still thought and I loved this site mainly 'cause of Gobb which I knew/know for 4 years now and he grew on me,not in a homo way but I actually felt for the first time on internet that I found a friend,not just a friend,a best friend if I'm allowed to call him like that.

    After years passed I was getting more and more unhappy. Part of the reason was poor admin(except Gobb) and communication problems. Every problem which happened there was no communication but only throwing words at each other,yes mainly 'cause of ME,'cause I always say what I think. Kaito and Kame continued how they acted on NB and I just couldn't find a reason anymore to try even though I was Gmod. There was just one time after all the mess that I finally felt happy and thought this site might actually get more active and that was when Kaito pulled people from FTB. I'm very passionate about things and I really was happy seeing Glob and Upsurge as well with Schpit being active on this site,not just active but being here every single day. Sadly after they came things returned to same old...same old...this is not a thread to talk shit about others since I as well was behaving like shit,but mainly 'cause admins and others were scared to do something. Something was said,everyone gets hyped and then...nothing happens. Second part of the reason was every single thing getting thrown at me like I was the problem of everything. I was always getting portrayed as a VILLAIN of this site,which made me sad. I usually don't care what people say about me but when everyone badmouth me and think of me as a bad person I really felt sad. Sad 'cause I never thought bad about everyone even though I don't agree with most of the stuff.

    One more thing to clear up is,I DO talk offensive towards everyone,that's how I always wrote to people,but I don't mean it for real. Yes I call people retarded but that's all out of a joke,I do that mostly everytime with Marin or with Blaze aka Hiei aka Zero aka I don't even know - when I call him "gay" where I don't really mean it. It's just my style and how I act in general irl with friends or on forums,I don't want to offend anyone and I'm sorry if I ever did especially when I get mad which don't happen often but some things really pissed me off here.

    Sadly now,I'm leaving since people talk crap behind my back. I don't like that. If you have a problem with me then say to my "face" (PM). I don't feel comfortable when I know people act nice but talk differently behind my back.

    Keeping all the bad things behind,I actually am happy I was a part of this community for 3 years even though things went south really quickly.

    Lastly I want to wish good luck to this site but especially Gobb since I really respect that guy,I really do as I always did. If anyone ever wanna talk you can find me on OJ.

    Goodbye people!

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  2. TNC 13 Shadow

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    I'm sorry I wasn't there...........many things happened.
    Hope it wont happen again.......but things like this always happen, just don't let these bring you down.
  3. ッCrimson Coding in Java

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    That makes me angry that people would mistreat you this way. If you need somebody to talk to or just a shoulder to lean on pm me any time. Hope you rebound from this. good luck my dude.
  4. Blazing Storm Godly Member

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    **** off
    U will be back
    Where did u come from lml

    This is not offensive in anyway

    Its like calling someone straight and people finding that offensive
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  5. Gobb

    Gobb finds a way

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    It's been a long time, with ups and downs. Thanks lol, I would also consider you to be a good mate "best friend" if you will and people use the term still.

    I feel like it's not appropriate to comment on everything, but if you feel like people talk behind your back, I can understand you wanting to leave. It's an issue present everywhere.

    Thank you for the work that you did as a moderator, it may not be conveyed well, or enough, but it has been appreciated. We had some good times. It's a shame that the state isn't like the earlier past. Hopefully there can be a rebound.

    Thanks for the well wishes, wish you all of the best, mate. I'll see you around and can hope maybe you'll come back - if not, I'd understand.
    Catch you soon.
  6. XII360 ~lame artist~

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    aww crap, what happened while i was dying in school, drowning from quizzes
    you guys were mean to loj-senpai, thats bad, you meanies >:o

    though i cant really change your decision as i am that of a "nobody" in this site, i wish you all the luck, i mean, you were the first one to say hello to me ;o
    sure you thought i was a girl, and talked in an alien language to me, but man those were the best seconds in my life
    not really best, but so far, on my stayings on the forum's, probably best

    welp as we said hello's in nippon's i shall say goodubai's in nippon's

    adiue~--- wait no i mean sayonara my fellow nipponchi(n)chi(n)

    (for reals tho' ill miss ya', those that back talked you can burn in hell)
  7. Aeryn daydream in blue

    It's taken me a while to get here and leave a reply. Mostly because I fear that whatever I have to say isn't going to be believed.

    I really like you, Loj. You're a very fun person to be around. I've always thought highly of the work you have done not only as a moderator, but also in maintaining Avatar of The Week. In strict regards to those two things, I never had to worry about your quality of work or your ability to carry out your duties. You were a very self sufficient Staff Member, and one that I trusted.

    We are both very similar people, however. We are both very thick-headed and stubborn, and it always lead us down the path of altercation. I'm not sure how you ever felt about it - or myself for that matter - but I always considered how I thought of you and your work as separate from those disputes we had. I've never disliked you or even hated you, and I feel like almost all of those times were because you misunderstood what I was saying, or doubted my intentions. It's difficult for two people like us to effectively communicate because of how stubborn we are, so our fights always amounted to nothing but frayed nerves and sour feelings. You must understand - I hope - that for me to have realized such a thing from the beginning, is very frustrating. I really do hope that you will forgive me for talking about you behind your back in Staff Chat. You know I am a very open person and I'm not one to hide away or hold my tongue - but on these occasions between myself and you, I always thought I better not to confront you directly, in fear of exacerbating the situation. I've always praised you as much as I've complained about about our altercations, and I'm sure Kame, Kaito and Gobb will vouch for that.

    I'm sorry for everything. I'm sad to see you go. We used to be very good friends - I still care about you quite a bit - and I regret not trying to fix things sooner. I hope that you do well in life and find another community you can be an integral part of, just like you were here. Like us, they would be lucky to have you.
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  8. Globear Tentacle Taco +.+

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    Nothing more to say really then I'll miss chu Lollipop
  9. Shanks Rockstar Member

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    Damn kids bring lojz back . Our slav friend has always been their with this base he is good guy. Lojz come back dude
  10. Dessie

    Dessie Little Princessa

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    Going to miss you loj. You were nice to me when ever we actually did talk and I wish we could have been better friends. I will always treasure the nickname Princessa you gave me. :glomp
  11. Yoru Godly Member

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    Oi nigga you gonna make me the only croat on this site?
  12. iNoto

    iNoto さびし おかみ

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    Get ur ass on discord.
  13. Kame Heaven's Feel

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    Okay, I didn't intend to reply at all. But here I am, whoops.

    I recently came back, yeah. I don't think I need a reason to explain my absence, shit happens, people go through shit, and the list really goes on. But it's not like I was active anywhere else. Yes, I came back. Kaito asked me to help him with the whole tournament. We had fun making it. It was never a means to get back at any of you. It's much like your post states, actually; that's just how we are. Most of you seemed to even find these catch phrases funny.

    This in mind, Loj, Buddy. I don't dislike you, let alone hate. Those are strong words. I don't know about anyone else, but I simply put, don't care enough to hate anyone. And disliking someone at this point, isn't really my thing. In fact, Everytime you left, I'm pretty sure I was there to bring you back. But, times change. And I respect your decisions fully. It may not mean much, but I do wish you the best. Take care

    Oh, and a last thing; I don't think anyone here, saw you as a ''Villain". I think you took things too personally, and probably thought that. Unless it goes further than what I've seen. But I'm always Lurking, so. Also, yes - I do vouch for you, Aeryn. Anyways, that's really all I have to say.
  14. TNC 13 Shadow

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    Where? From the shadows, I'm always there and seem to cant find my way. I guess it's my fault for being forgetten. (It is)
    Sorry for not having a "BLAZING" soul that could leave a burn to everyone's and they would feel it whenever I'm passing by..... [​IMG]

    .......I just decided to get here for........and never expected to witness this.
    Am I bringing misfortune here or something.....when I decide to log in?
  15. Ethereal

    Ethereal Helping

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    I am quite late, but yeah no one should be mistreated this way if you're doing something wrong higher ups should inform you so you can prevent all the constant quarrelling. As a person, I honestly forgot how you used to be but I think you're a decent person. Not a worthy comment, but yeah I need to comment on something over here.

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