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OOC Chat In Between Realities (OOC/Sign Ups)

Discussion in 'OCC-Out of character Planning' started by Phenom, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Phenom The Resident Bibliophile

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    Humans live in a world they believe devoid of fantasy and mythology, completely unaware that is how the very creatures they used to fear want them to live. They are tired of running, hiding and being hunted to extinction like many years ago when humans were much more superstitious. They also have enjoyed the technological advances humanity has made with gadgets such as cellphones, GPS and the Internet. These certainly interesting "people" have to start somewhere.

    This is where the Hyde Institute for Youngsters comes in. This fantastic school is a private campus for the youngsters of many famous and oftentimes thought extinct races to gather and learn the ways of the world while also learning more about their darker pasts as well. Teachers, monsters in their own rights teach these starving minds how to blend in with humanity so that they too can go about their lives without fear. The Headmaster, Mr. Hyde, is a man shrouded in mystery and who is famed as a powerful, almost god-like sorcerer who used his magic to shroud the campus from view, both satellite and eyes alike.

    Now you know about the school, so take of your shoes youngster and step into the school that will change your life forever!

    Private Campus. Consisting of separate male and female gender dormitories. Two bathrooms (per floor) existing in each dorm for the proper gender. The campus has many activities for teenagers to participate in, including; Game Hall (Video Games to the Extreme), 1 Olympic-size swimming pool with hot tub attachment, 1 large library containing books to recent releases, 1 sport's center containing fields for; soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, and rugby, 3 separate school facilities ( science laboratory/observatory, botanical gardens, and a training room for those with special 'gifts'.)

    Grade Levels: The same as most high schools.


    Name: Your character's name.
    Age: Their age, should be 14-18
    Grade Level: Freshman-Senior
    Race: What race are they?

    Appearance: What they look like, can be a description or a picture.

    Personality: What sort of personality traits do they exhibit?

    [b]Grade Level:[/b]

    Leo de Guildehart
    Age: 17
    Grade Level: Junior
    Race: Vampire

    Quiet, aloof and generally giving off the vibe that he has something better to do at all times he generally is seen as a loner. Upon meeting him, he is a deeply intellectual individual who thinks about all matters of things. Generally tending to be curious he likes to read all sorts of novels from medical leaflets to religious texts. He is also somewhat of a romantic and likes to win over the occasional pretty girl or two before his mind wanders again and he moves on.

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