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Turbo Sign-Ups [Interest Check] Death Note Mafia Lovers Game

Discussion in 'Grand Library' started by Rohan, Nov 2, 2016.

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  1. Rohan Guest

    Game starts in : http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/vacation?iso=20161103T21&p0=176&msg=Death+Note+Mafia+Lovers+Game+Start+!&font=cursive&csz=1 .

    Game Mechanics :-

    1 - Roles in the game :-

    Town : 4 Officers

    Mafia : 2 Mafia Lovers, Kira and Misa.

    2 - Nightless : There is No Night Phase in this Game.

    3 - In the event of a Mafia Lover being lynched, their partner will suicide immediately, giving victory to town. In simple terms, if Kira gets lynched, then Misa dies with him; if Misa gets lynched, then Kira dies with her.

    4 - Mafia win when they control 50% of the town, i.e; Vote Equalisation.

    5 - Mafia have Daytalk in a private quicktopic for the duration of the game.

    6 - Mafia do not have a Factional Kill.

    7 - Day Phase lasts for 25 to 30 Minutes.

    8 - No PM's allowed.

    9 - You can only vote once in each Day Phase. Changing votes is not allowed ! If you abstain your vote, you can later on vote someone. Vote Format is :-

    Vote :
    Reason :
    Abstain Vote Format is :-

    Abstain Vote
    - Please Bold your Votes.
    - You can vote anytime you want during the Day Phase Duration.
    - If you don't follow the format, your vote might be skipped.

    10 - There will be Plurality Lynch, in other words the players with the most votes will be lynched.

    11 - All Vote Ties will end up in No Lynch.

    12 - If you have any questions ask them in this thread.

    13 - There can only be six players. The positions will be given first come first serve when the Game thread is posted after the Countdown ends.

    14 - All Questions about the game are to be asked in this thread.

    15 - The game will last for Two Hours after the Countdown ends. If you cannot stay reliably active during that time period, don't participate. Inactive players are worse than no players !

    16 - Hope you enjoy !
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