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Guide Mafia Game Overview Content 2

Discussion in 'Mafia Management And Support' started by Rohan, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Rohan Guest

    ★What is Informed Logic?

    The Informed logic only applies when a faction has two or more players. It becomes voided when a faction has only one player as that player can never be informed. Informed means knowing whether another player is on your faction and his role.
    • Town is uninformed as the Town player doesn't know which players are on his faction and their roles.
    • Mafia is informed as the Mafia player knows which players are on his faction and their roles.
    • Partially informed applies to a faction where only one player knows the roles and which players are on his team. The remaining faction players are uninformed.
    • A Serial Killer doesn't use the informed logic as he is the only player in his faction.
    ★What is Alignment?

    An Alignment represents the win condition a player has been assigned. Alignment is also normally indicative of which faction a player is part of. The alignment is always determined on the win condition of the player, not his/her play style in the game. The alignments in a mafia game are as follows :-
    • Pro-Town Alignment- When the victory condition of a player or faction when fulfilled causes the victory of Town.
    • Anti-Town Alignment- When the victory condition of a player or faction when fulfilled causes the loss of Town.
    • Neutral Alignment- When the victory condition of a player or faction is not related to the victory or loss of Town.
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  2. Rohan Guest

    Global Rules

    All Game Hosts, Players, Staff Members and Game Managers have to follow the Sugoi Desu Guidelines in the Mafia Section.

    For Players
    • Please read all posts made by the host with utmost attention. This includes the rules, game mechanics, etc. Not doing so might lead to game breaking mistakes.
    • Fluff posts (Posts which have meaningless content) are allowed to a certain extent. Please do not go overboard with the fluff posting though.
    • You cannot edit, delete or like posts in the Mafia Section.
    • To the above since you cannot edit posts, If you have made an error or left out information from your post, you are allowed to double post and include the information and corrections there.
    • Multi-posting is allowed, but all such posts must have reasonable information or corrections to the original post.
    • You are not allowed to post quotes or screenshots of the PM's between the host and you.
    • You are not allowed to contact other players through PM's or other mediums for discussion purposes. Keep all discussion to the game thread. The exceptions to this rule are the hosts themselves giving you a private means of communication or the particular game format allowing it.
    • You are not allowed to change your username when the game is ongoing without informing the host.
    • If you remain inactive for more than two phases, the Host has the right to replace or mod-kill you.
    • To the above, you must make three game related posts every Day Phase. If you don't do so, you will be replaced or mod-killed.
    • You are not allowed to use alternate accounts to participate in the games. Please use one account only!
    • You are not allowed to betray your faction. Betrayal includes assisting other factions apart from your own without solid reasoning, and actively sabotaging your own team’s efforts again without any solid reasoning.
    • Discussion is not allowed during Night Phase and the game thread will be locked. Some game hosts might make an exception to this.
    • Please keep all complaints about game moderation and game balance to yourself and only post them after the game ends.
    • If you get replaced or mod-killed, you will not be eligible for the Prizes of the game. Exceptions to this will be discussed by the Mafia Managers.
    • All questions about the game must be asked to the host through PM/Conversations. Avoid asking questions to the host in the Game Thread.
    For Dead Players
    • Dead Players are not allowed to reveal anything they know about the game to anyone. They can however reveal their findings once the Game ends.
    • Dead people are not allowed to discuss anything in the Game thread either. They can only have one Farewell post after their Death. Dead People can discuss the Game once it ends.
    • Some hosts might make a Dead Players Private Conversation. Dead Players can discuss the progress of the game there.
    Voting Guidelines
    • Most Normal Games will have a separate "Voting Thread" with this Prefix attached to it [​IMG].
    • If a Voting Thread exists, you can only post your votes in the Voting thread. Votes posted in the Game Thread will be considered invalid by the host.
    • If a Game has no "Voting Thread", you can post your votes in the Game Thread.
    • Discussion is not allowed in the "Voting Thread".
    • You must mention the player whom you are voting for in your Vote Post. Example: "I vote for @Player Name" so that the Voted player can make a response in his/her defense in the game thread.
    • If you want to respond to a vote posted in the vote thread quote the vote post, copy the quote and respond to it in the game thread.
    • Always follow the vote format that the host provides. Not following the vote format will make your vote invalid.
    • It is advised that you provide a reason for your vote.
    • Vote Formats are of generally three types:-
    Vote: This format is used when you put your first vote in the Day Phase. The general format is:-
    Vote / Vote Lynch @ Player Name
    Change Vote: This format is used when you change your current vote for a player to another player. The general format is:-

    Change Vote / Change Vote Lynch @ Player Name
    Vote / Vote Lynch @ Player Name
    Abstain Vote: This format is used when you don't want to vote for any player in the Day Phase. It can also be used to negate your previous votes. Most hosts will allow you to vote even after making an abstain vote. The general format is:-
    Abstain Vote
    Power Role Guidelines
    • If you are a power role and do not want to use your power, you need to Private Message the host and inform him/her that you do not want to use your power.
    • If you do not do the above, you will get a warning from the host and will be marked inactive for the Night Phase.
    • The above also applies to Day Phase Power Roles.
    • A power role will not be allowed to self target unless specified otherwise by the host as it can be overpowered. For Example: If you are a Doctor, you generally cannot target yourself and put a self protection. Please ask the host in your role PM whether self-targeting is allowed.
    • If you are a power role and have a Private PM Convo (Mafia Lair for example), do not just post your target in the Convo and expect the host to follow it. Instead, it is advised that you also PM the host your target.
    For Hosts
    • It is optimal to distribute roles randomly through a Random Number Generator like this one.
    • It is advised that you have at least three substitute players before you start your game.
    • If you want a CountDown for your game, you can use this Holiday CountDown.
    • If your game is Bastard or Experimental you need to make this clear in your Sign Ups thread and you must put [Experimental] and [Bastard] in your game thread titles.
    • If you want to clarify some issue in your game, contact a Game Manager.
    • Do not contact Game Managers who are playing in your game. You might have to give classified information and doing so will break your game.
    • You need to make clear what type of Lynch system you are going to use in your Game.
    • It is advised that you do not give inactive player roles to members who have been lynched or killed in your game. This gives the member an unfair advantage through prior knowledge attained through his previous role. Please contact a Game Manager in case you want to do this.
    • If you are using any "Bastard Element(s)", this should be communicated prior to the game starting. Bastard Elements, in this context, are defined as elements which go beyond a reasonable measure of expectation for a player to have. If you are unsure if your game contains Bastard Elements, ask a Manager to review the game beforehand.
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  3. Rohan Guest

    Based On Phase Length

    Normal Games are games where the Day and Night Phases last for 24 hours and above. This means that people from all timezones can play the game. These games can take a month to complete and as such are slow paced games.

    Turbo Games are mafia games where the Day and Night Phases last from 15 minutes to an hour. These games are restricted in nature as people from all timezones cannot play this game . These games get over in a few hours and are as such rapid paced games.

    ★Thread Prefixes

    In the Mafia Games section you can attach Prefixes to threads. Each of these Prefixes has a purpose :-
    • TBA
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  4. Rohan Guest

    ★The Vote Tally

    The vote tally refers to the amount of votes a faction has which is used by players in the lynch to eliminate players. The Vote Tally is always counted on the votes that a player has, not the amount of players !

    For example, a doublevoter player will have two votes, a triplevoter player will have three votes, a voteless player has no votes. The votes are always tallied according to the factions present in the game.
    Example (open)
    In Day Phase 2 of a mafia game, this is the Vote Tally :-

    Town (T)
    Total Players - 8
    Total Votes - 9 (The extra vote comes from a doublevoter)

    Mafia (M)
    Total Players - 3
    Total Votes - 3

    Third Party Serial Killer (S)
    Total Player - 1
    Total Votes - 2 (The serial killer has a double vote modifier)

    The final vote tally is 9(T) - 3(M) - 2(S)

    The total votes are 9 + 3 + 2 = 14 Votes.

    Town has a majority of 9 votes out of 14.
    Mafia has a minority of 3 votes out of 14.
    Serial Killer has a minority of 2 votes out of 14.

    In order for Mafia to win, it has to get a majority over the Town and Serial Killer.
    In order for Serial Killer to win, it has to get a majority over the Mafia and Town.
    In order for Town to win, it has to retain it's majority and eliminate the Serial Killer and Mafia.

    ★Lynch System

    The Lynch System is used in the Day Phase to eliminate players through a Voting Process. Generally, three types of Lynch systems are used in Mafia Games:-
    • Plurality Lynch - In this lynch system, the player with the highest amount of votes at the end of Day Phase is lynched.
    • Majority Lynch - In this lynch system, a majority of votes of the player base must be reached on a certain player to get him/her lynched.
    • Monarchy Lynch- In this lynch system, a single player called the "King" decides which player will be lynched. For balance purposes, the King title switches to a different player every Day Phase.
    ★Lynch Tie

    A Lynch Tie occurs when two or more players get the same highest amount of votes. A host in such a scenario can take the following actions:-
    • No Lynch: No player in the tie is lynched. This is the most optimal action to take.
    • Random Lynch: A player in the tie is randomly lynched through a Random Number Generator. This action however can be seen as unfair.
    • All Lynch: All players in the tie are lynched. This action could break the game in small player setups.
    • First Vote Lynch: The player who was voted first among all the tied players gets lynched. This action is also considered to be unfair.
    ★How to Role Claim
    • A Role Claim happens when a player posts his role and alignment in the game thread.
    • However in doing so, the player should either not give any proof or give hypothetical proofs based upon the outcomes of Day and Night Phases to support his/her claim.
    • To the above a player is not allowed to make a claim and support it with absolute proof by posting quotes and screenshots of PM's between the Host and the Player in the Game Thread. If a player does this he/she will be mod-killed and receive further punishments.
    • Some Game hosts will not allow claiming in their Mafia Game. In such a case scenario, players should not claim nor support other player's assumptions of their role. The best response is an ambiguous one (Maybe you are correct with your assumption?).
  5. Rohan Guest

    Normal Game Prize Distribution

    Player Prizes
    The Game Manager is expected to determine the gameplay quality of all players in a normal game through the two parameters given below.
    1. The amount of game related posts a player makes per Day Phase.
    2. The Quality of Gameplay based on their faction.
    The players should then be put in one of the five categories:-
    1. Extreme Low Gameplay- Players put in this category will 1 day Pro Subscription.
    2. Low Gameplay - Players put in this category will get 3 days Pro Subscription.
    3. Medium Gameplay- Players put in this category will get 5 days Pro Subscription.
    4. High Gameplay- Players put in this category will get 7 days Pro Subscription. It is suggested that the MVP is chosen from players put in this category.
    5. Extreme High Gameplay- Players put in this category will get 15 days Pro Subscription. It is suggested that the MVP is chosen from players put in this category.
    The Game Manager is expected to give reasons for the placement of players in each category.

    Host Intervention
    • If a player gets mod-killed or mod-substituted for abysmal activity levels or rule breaking, then he/she should not be categorized at all. The player would as such get no prizes. The player will also get a strike.
    • However if a player is merely substituted or otherwise removed from play by explicit request to the host(s), then he/she can be categorized and will get prizes depending on the category they get.
    Most Valuable Player (MVP) Prize
    The MVP candidates should be taken from the "Extreme High" and "High" Gameplay categories. The MVP candidates should then be put for voting by players, the host and a few selected Game Managers. The MVP candidate that gets the highest votes will be declared the MVP of the game. If a tie happens, then a reserve Game Manager should cast a tiebreaker vote to break the tie.

    The Most Valuable Player will be awarded with the MVP Award: [​IMG].

    Host Prize
    • A Host and Co-Host will get 30 days Pro Subscription if they host a Normal Game to completion.
    • If a Normal Game gets cancelled, they will get 15 days Pro Subscription.
    • The Host of a Bastard Game will get 15 Days Pro Subscription if the game is hosted to completion.
    Game Manager Prizes
    Only One Game Manager is allowed to review and distribute players into gameplay categories. This Game Manager will get 20 Days Pro Subscription as a prize.

    Turbo Game Prize Distribution

    Host Prize

    The host of a completed Turbo Game will get 10 Days Pro Subscription.

    No other prizes will be given for Turbo Games.

    Concluding Note
    All prizes will be given to the members by an admin. For now, @Rohan will distribute all the prizes.
  6. Rohan Guest

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