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Multiplatform Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Dev Conference + Trailer

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Gobb, Jun 12, 2019.


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  1. Gobb

    Gobb finds a way

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    Welcome to the Hoarfrost Reach trailer:

    E3 Live Developer Conference:

    Not a whole lot of new stuff in terms of like a Monster Announcement, but a good summary from a reddit post;


    • New home base.

    • Available after you've reached Master Rank.

    • Smaller than Astera. Facilities more nearby.

    • All the facilities from Astera are present.

    • Housekeeper and its services now available outside your room.

    • Steamworks: new facility. Mini game (QTE?) that rewards items.

    • New Gathering Hub will be more convenient (more facilities?).
    View Mode

    • New mode that gives you a free roaming camera near your character to take screenshots. Can also pose in view mode and the poses make your palico pose also.

    • Can be used in quests. Beware - does not freeze the game and you can still be attacked.

    • "Pay With Gourmet Voucher". New voucher. Not sure what it does yet. Normal vouchers still usable.

    • New two player difficulty. Separate from single player and 3-4 player difficulty.

    • If someone leaves a quest the difficulty will scale down. Palico will not rejoin.

    • New skill: "Survival Expert" (3 levels)

    • Decoration Level 4?

    • Upgraded mantles. e.g. "Rocksteady Mantle+"

    • Master Rank mantles (+) have decoration slots. Up to 3?

    • New item: "Dust of Life". (Upgraded Life Powder)
    Clutch Claw (Grapples you to the monster)

    • Softens the area it hits and that part takes more damage. Leaves a scar.
    Raider Ride

    • Ride Trailrider monsters with your palico using the "Raider Ride" from the item bar.

    • Can select a position on your map and your mount will automatically take you there. You can select a monster on the map and the mount will track it. If you don't set a destination the mount will follow tracks.

    • No control over the monster directly. (It's on rails)

    • While riding you can gather materials, use your slinger, eat food, sharpen, open the map, etc.

    • Tailrider monsters grow tired if you ride them too much. You can check the status of your Tailrider monster by going to the info bar in the start menu. If the monster is resting you won't be able to call it during that quest or expedition and will have to wait for it to recover.

    • Each region has its own Tailrider monster.

    • New armor set: "Felyne Beo". Weapon is Felyne Beo Board+. Blunt (Element: Ice?).
    Options - Game Settings

    • New option: "Link to Item Loadout". Description: "Adjust settings on whether to link shortcuts to item loadouts." I am going to guess by shortcuts they mean your radial menu, which means it allows unlinking your item loadouts from your radial menu which is something I've wanted for ages. (For me, my radial menu is the same for all item loadouts)

    • New option: "HUD Display". Description: "Turn the HUD on or off." (Is this new? Not at home to check)

    • New option: "Hunting Horn Button Guide Settings". Description: "Adjust button guide display settings for the hunting horn."

    • New option: "Health and Stamina Gauge Settings". Description: "Change how the health and stamina gauges are displayed." (Is this new? Not at home to check)

    • New option: "Player Silhouette Display". Description: "Set whether the player character's silhouette can be seen when obscured by a monster."

    • New option: "Camera & Scoutfly Settings" (Is this new? Not at home to check)
    Options - Camera

    • New option: "Trajectory Reticle Controls". Description: "Change the vertical aiming controls for the bow's arc shots and the heavy bowgun's cluster bombs."
  2. Gobb

    Gobb finds a way

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    Looking forward to this the more I see of it. Hoping that the put out the E3 demo in the months leading up to release.

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