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Reviews Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by JoeJoe, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. JoeJoe

    JoeJoe from the east blue

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    Developed by: Moon Studios GmbH
    Genre: Metroidvania


    It follows the typical game mechanics like every other metroidvania games. Compared to the first game "Ori and the Blind Forest", Will of the Wisps offers much more fluid gameplay. New abilities and shard system (which is very similar if not the same system like in "Hollow Knight") is an aboslute wonderful addition. The new abilities which upgrades your movement is even more fun now compared to the first game. There's always something new to explore with each ability and the game really rewards you for it. You can combine various ablities to reach hidden areas or areas which are very hard to reach which is very rewarding. Other than that, there are many new combat abilities as well which you choose with a brand new "weapon wheel". There are so many combat abilities or weapons (if you want to call it that way) that you can use based on your playstyle. You can have 3 active combat "weapons" which you can change at any time with an already said weapon wheel. You are not forced to fight one way like in the first game, you can fight however you want. Melee range, long range, mid range, however you want which is a welcome additon. Pssst, play with the Spirit Arc, it's OP, but don't say anyone I told you that.

    It took me 15h to beat the game with 100% explore completion.


    If you think that the first game was beautiful, watch when you see this game. I'm sorry and this is not exaggerating, Ori and the WIll of the Wisps is the without a shadow of a doubt the most BEAUTIFUL game for that genre ever made. Nothing comes close to it. Every single area has it's own touch to it and it looks amazing. Even the water areas which are usually hated by gamers are absolutely WELL DONE and that speaks for itself. If you think the game is only about looks, wait till you hear the new OSTs. Every area comes with it's own OST and I love it. You know exactly what is coming next just by the sound of OSTs. Of all the OSTs, the HUB area is my favorite.

    As soon as I hear it, I get happiness within me. It's so soothing and I love it so so much. I will treasure this OST for the rest of my life.


    "The little spirit Ori is no stranger to peril, but when a fateful flight puts the owlet Ku in harm’s way, it will take more than bravery to bring a family back together, heal a broken land, and discover Ori’s true destiny. "

    This is opinion based, some might say it's better than the first one, some might say it isn't. Well IMO I liked the story in the first one better since it was more emotional to me personally, but the new story in this one won't be cheap on the emotional part as well. The ending really hit me emotionally. I don't want to spoil it why. Other than that I must say it is a decent sequel to the story.


    As I said, the sequel done right in every single department. It improves the game x100 compared to the prequel. Easily one of the best games I've ever played in my life and easily the best metroidvania game ever IMO. If you liked the first Ori, you will like this one even more, I sure did and I'm sure you will as well. Zero complaints about the game. It's as good as it can be. I will be disgusted if this game is not in the GOTY argument. It's a MUST if you are a metroidvania genre fan, and it's definitelly a MUST if you want to play something different to what you usually play. Do I even need to say the score? Easily 10/10.

    Thanks for reading. Excuse my grammar if I messed up somewhere.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2020
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  2. Yoru Godly Member

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    Looks gorgeous :hugz
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