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Owarimonogatari PV

Discussion in 'Monogatari' started by Mahesvara, Sep 10, 2015.

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    The official website for the Monogatari Series anime franchise posted the premiere and preview screening details, promotional video, key visual, ending theme song details, more cast information, and a timeline for the Owarimonogatari television anime on Thursday.

    In the video, the girl Sodachi states that not only does she hate Araragi, but she also will not let anyone leave the classroom until the culprit of a crime is found. Ōgi Oshino also mentions that Kai always have a reason for possessing people. She also states that they must decide for themselves, and not by votes. Araragi is puzzled by this statement.

    The video confirms that the series will premiere on Tokyo MX, Tochigi TV, and Gunma TV on Saturday, October 3 at 24:00 (effectively, Sunday, October 4 at midnight) with a one-hour special. The video also features the ending theme song "Sayonara no Yukue" by Alisa Takigawa, as well as the first appearance of Sodachi Oikura, as voiced by Marina Inoue:

    The new key visual features the heroine of this series, Ōgi Oshino. The tagline on the visual reads, "I don't know anything. You do know, Araragi-sempai."

    The website posted a chronology of Koyomi Araragi's final year as a high school student, as well as an interview with chief director Akiyuki Simbo:

    Six screenings will preview the one-hour first episode special in Tokyo on September 26 and September 27. There will be no guests, but attendees will receive a special present.

    [​IMG]The three-volume Owarimonogatari novel is part of the "final season" of the Monogatari series. The first volume shipped with the stories "Ōgi Formula," "Sodachi Riddle," and "Sodachi Lost" in October 2013. The second volume shipped in January 2014 with the story "Shinobu Mail." The third volume shipped in April 2014.

    The novel series' "final season" ended with ZokuOwarimonogatari last September, but it features a teaser for "Monogatari Series, Next Season Tsugimonogatari." Vertical will publish the earlier Kizumonogatari novel in November.Aniplex of America will release a subtitled Blu-ray ofTsukimonogatari, the first story in the final season of theMonogatari series, on September 15.

    Source: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/new...ecial-marina-inoue-casting-ending-song/.92768
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