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Guide Pro General Information

Discussion in 'Guides & Important Info' started by Gobb, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. Gobb

    Gobb finds a way

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    SD Pro User Subscriptions

    • Up to 180 x 360 avatar
    • Custom CSS Username - active even after your pro expires, but you can only change it with pro
    • Change user title colour
    • Username [​IMG]icons changing and colour
    • Pro User Banner (toggle-able)
    • Custom User Banner (toggle-able)
    • Can embed a YouTube video onto their profile
    General Pro Additions:
    • Pro Time on your visitor card and profile - Displays the amount of Pro Days you have. You can disable the profile one in Privacy settings
    • Pro Log profile tab - Displays the a log of Pro Subscriptions you have received and purchased with some details. Can be disabled from Privacy settings.

    How to buy Pro

    Simply use the automated SD Shop process. This is located in the site's navigation bar.

    The pro that you can purchase is currently:
    • 7 Days = 300 Keno
    • 15 Days = 500 Keno
    • 30 Days = 1000 Keno
    • 60 Days = 1850 Keno
    • 90 Days = 2600 Keno
    • 180 Days = 5000 Keno
    • 365 Days = 9500 Keno
    • Custom - Above 365 Days = 24 Keno per day
    All New members will be given 1000 Keno for registering. They can use the Keno to buy a one month Pro Subscription as thanks for registering in this shop.

    How to obtain SD Pro Subscription

    • Participate in SD Contests
    • Participate in SD Events
    • Play in SD Forum Games
    • Buy it in SD Shop by using Keno (SD's online currency)
    • Be an active member (This means you must have a regular posting trend on the forum)
    • Get it for contributing to SD (Hosting contests, making chapter discussion threads, etc)
    F.A.Q's on SD Pro subscription

    Q: Can the subscription be transferred to other members?
    A: Yes, it can be transferred. Read the quote below to know how.

    Q: What would happen to my uploaded custom banner when my Subscription ends?
    A: Your uploaded custom banner will be blocked and will not appear on your profile or post-bit anymore. However you can retrieve the image link of your banner from personal details.

    Q: What will happen to my profile YouTube video when I do not have pro?
    A: It will still exist but will not be displayed without Pro.

    Q: Does the Pro Subscription add onto your remaining time if you buy or earn more?
    A: Yes, if you have 7 days left and get 30 days, you will have 37 days remaining of the subscription.

    Q: If I get banned, will the Pro Subscription Timer be paused ?
    A: No, the timer won't stop if you get banned so your Pro will end up been wasted.
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