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Promotion Exams Arc Overview

Discussion in 'Shokugeki no Soma' started by Glowbeary, Aug 23, 2017.

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    A brief as possible overview of the 8th (?) Story Arc of SnS running from chapter 172 to current. Chapter numbers will be bracketed and bolded.

    The first year peeps have to travel to Hokkaido for the promotion exam to move up to the Year 2 of the academy. The chick with the pole stuffed up her booty decides to teach her peeps about food, animals, spices and so on they can find there since each student will have to make it through all 6 trials to pass and not be expelled (172)
    The main characters are grouped together as Central's way of booting out the "rebels". They find themselves being given bad ingredients and what not because inequality, which actually is the chapter name funnily enough (173)
    The rebel peeps go out to find the savior of the dish because SnS and Erina throws a tantrum because inequality. The rebels bring back the highest quality of salmon and after some freezing problems they chop chop and BOOM perfecto dish (174)
    The squad whinges about inequality and they get transported on a fancy train to the next phase of the exam. On the train Erina keeps getting interrupted during her study/planning session (175)
    They reach the next location and are told that they will be competing individually in a 'noodle' cuisine. They are assigned to food halls, the rebels are left last with no noodles and other ingredients left. The last hall go outside to find food to be met with a snowstorm but somehow return and cook on (176)
    It turns out the rebels used potatoes to make noodles. They pass and Erina gushes (177)
    The rebels are given train tickets to the new location departing that evening. The rebels all go and explore, with Erina getting all mushy and gooey SHE HAS SEEN THE LIGGHHTT. Turns out they were bamboozled and the train left without them, with a major TWWIISSTTT. The third phase of the exam requires them to battle the Elite 10 DUN DUN DUUNNN (178)
    They freak out, Soma is like YAS BOYS. Erina and the others chat with Rindou who sasses them. It is then explained in further detail that the rebels were split across four different routes. Hayama is revealed to be a new elite member and battling Soma Squad (lets just call them rebels 1) (179)
    Erina and the others are separated leaving Soma and Hayama. The Dojima dude turns up and reveals the cooking theme is bear meat. The Shiomi Seminar is confirmed to be destroyed. (180)
    Kuga tells Soma to challenge Hayama to a Shokugeki in return for being given spices, and then helps teach Soma how to cook bear meat correctly. (181)
    The Elite Ten hold a royale to fill the three seats left [FLASHBACK] Kuga tells this story to Soma as Soma learns about bear meat. Soma is told that Hayama has improved his cooking skills immensely. (182)
    Back at the kitchen Soma uses dried fruit in his bear dish for that added omph. While the dish is tasty, they find out that Hayama's is drop dead amaze balls. Hayama tells Soma he joined the elite ten for "Jun's Sake." (183)
    Soma tells Hayama to quit looking down on people (184)

    185-190 will be added tomorrow.
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