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Sign Ups [Sign-Ups] Best Writer #3 Contest - Christmas and New Year

Discussion in 'Writing Contests Archive' started by Rohan, Dec 3, 2016.

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  1. Rohan Guest

    Best Writer #3 Contest
    • Theme : Christmas and New Year
    • You can post any piece of writing whether it be a poem, a story, a song, a drama or anything else as long as it has an element of Christmas and New Year in it.
    • Entry has to be your own work !
    • If you want to participate, you must first post your entry in a new thread in the Writer's Desk and then fill the code below and post it in this thread.
    • Please use the format below to submit your entry :-

      Username : Here you put your username.
      Title of entry : Here you put the title of your work.
      Link to Entry : Here you post the link of your work.

      Code of Format :-
      Title of Entry:
      Link to Entry:
    • Prizes !

      As this is a Christmas and New Year special event contest, the prizes will be much higher !

      1st Position : Best Writer Award[​IMG], 3000 Keno, 3 Months Pro Subscription
      2nd Position : Best Writer Award[​IMG], 2000 Keno, 2 Months Pro Subscription
      3rd Position : Best Writer Award[​IMG], 1000 Keno, 1 Month Pro Subscription
      For participating : 500 Keno, 7 Days Pro Subscription
    • Last day of entering the contest is 13th December 2016. Here is the countdown for the end of entering the contest : Countdown.
    • Discussions and questions about the contest go to the Best Writer discussion thread.
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  2. Rohan Guest

    Last date of entry has been extended to 20th December 2016.
  3. Inmate Junior Member

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