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Sugoi Desu!: Global Guidelines & Rules of Conduct

Discussion in 'Guides & Important Info' started by Kagerou, Dec 21, 2014.

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  1. Kagerou

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    Welcome to Sugoi Desu! Forums!

    The staff and I would like to welcome you to Sugoi Desu!, or SD for short. We are glad to have you join us, we strive hard to create a healthy and comfortable user experience for everyone on the forum. Enjoy your stay! Below are the rules and guidelines for general conduct that apply to every part of the forum, so please take a moment to read these.

    Sugoi Desu! Global Guidelines & Rules of Conduct

    • General Conduct

    Its easy for things to get heated in conversations and debates, which can result in bitterness between members. This is fine. However, we ask that any arguments within a thread stay there, don't take it to PM's or other threads. It ruins the forum experience for everyone involved and bystanders. Try and stick to the topic of the thread as well, anything off-topic is considered spam and will be dealt with accordingly if it persists. Should things get out of hand, the thread will be locked indefinitely.
    • Trolling

    Here on SD, we try and make the forum a comfortable place for all members. As such, we encourage kind and respectful behaviour between all users, no exceptions. Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to get others riled up. It can be disruptive to general forum activity and discourse, and will impede upon the experience of others.​

    • Bashing & Personal Attacks

    When partaking in community discussion, please refrain from directly attacking or criticising users. If you disagree with someone, be respectful about the issue. Attack the message, not the messenger. Flaming will not be tolerated, and no member is permitted to engage in public personal attacks on any other members. Personal attacks encompass racial, ethnic, and/or gender-based insults, slurs or derogatory comments. Respecting the privacy of other members falls under this guideline as well. Sharing the personal information of others, e.g. phone number, address, pictures without their consent will not be tolerated. Banter, such as joking around with your friends, is allowed however.​

    • NSFW Content

    We have a section for this kind of content. Images, text, or any kind of material that can be considered suggestive that is posted outside of the NSFW section will be promptly removed. We'd like for all users to be able to visit the site at any time and share with friends without fear of retribution.​

    • Posting in the Right Section

    Post in the correct forum/section/sub-category! E.g. if you have any general questions or suggestions regarding the forum, go to the Suggestions and Support section. Resist the temptation to post anything that can be considered off-topic in a particular section because you think you'll elicit "better responses" from that section.
    • Contacting a Staff Member

    If for any reason you need to speak to a member of staff, be it for general questions/inquiries or to inform them of an incident which has resulted in the rules being broken, contact a staff member who handles the section(s) in which the offense has occurred. If the issue is miscellaneous in nature (it does not pertain to any particular section), or you are otherwise unsure of who to contact, default to any one of the SD Moderators. If the issue escalates without solution by a moderator, contact an Administrator. Do not contact an administrator unless a moderator has instructed you to. They will do their best to answer your questions and/or ensure that a solution is reached for any issues. You can see staff roles and who to contact here: Staff Roles.

    All disciplinary action is determined at the discretion of staff members. Put simply, they decide on the severity of any given problem, and how that problem is dealt with. If a member feels they have been wronged in treatment, disciplinary or not, an Administrator is to be contacted. Wait for a reply, and do not bother other staff members. Not doing so will result in punishments decided by the staff.​

    • Alternate Accounts

    Any member is allowed to have as many alternate accounts as they like. However, whilst any of a member's accounts is banned, they are not allowed to use their alt while they have another banned one. Bans are given out for a reason, and using an alternate account to avoid a ban is in itself bannable. The severity of punishments will increase should this behaviour continue.​


    Advertising may be allowed, under certain conditions. Links to projects, pages, etc are allowed to be shared among the website.
    • Specifying the conditions here further, links to communities are not allowed, and asking people to specifically sign up will not be tolerated.

    • Profanity

    Keep cursing and other profanities moderated. There is a filter for those who would rather not see it at all, but there comes a point where it becomes excessive and abrasive. Going too far will result in punishment.
    • Thread Subjects and Topics

    • We have a number of sections where members can discuss various subjects and topics, but there are some things we don't encourage discussion of. Threads for attention-seeking are not permitted. There are others sites for those kinds of things. The occasional picture thread is fine (posting pictures of members).
    • Please stay on-topic in a thread. Occasional banter is allowed, but please put an OT comment along with the post.
    • You may speak any language you wish in threads, as long as the thread itself is free from discussions.
    Keep in mind that a ban is our very last resort to any conflict, if it is needed to solve the problem. Otherwise, any affairs on the site will be handled through communication.

    • Affiliation
    If you are a representative of another community and wish to affiliate with ours, please contact any 3 head admin(s): @Kame, @Kagerou, @Gobb.

    Kind regards,

    Sugoi Desu! Staff

    Credits to @Z E N for typing up the guidelines.
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  2. Kagerou

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    Guidelines have been updated.

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