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Guide SugoiDesu Official Mafia Games Chat Thread

Discussion in 'Grand Library' started by Rotaretilbo, Dec 27, 2015.

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  1. Rotaretilbo Regular Member

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    Hello, members of SD. I @Rohan will be managing the Mafia Games OF SD. You may chat about Mafia Games in this thread and post here if you want to host a mafia game.

    Official SD Mafia Calendar Archive (open)
    SugoiDesu Official Mafia Calendar
    This is our Mafia Calender. We use this to schedule games and maintain order.
    You've never heard of mafia!? Click here!
    Official SD Mafia Calendar Archive (open)

    [fieldset="Current and Upcoming Games"]
    1. Call of Duty Mafia: Modern Warfare - Rotaretilbo

    [fieldset="Game History"]

    [fieldset="Operation Policies"]
    1. In order to host mafia on Sugoi Desu, a forummer must have participated in at least two games on Sugoi Desu.
    2. If a forummer reaches the top of the queue and fails to post signups, they will be moved back one place. If this happens twice consecutively, they will be removed from the queue.
    3. A forummer may move any number of spaces back in the queue without any kind of special permission.
    4. A forummer may move any number of spaces forward in the queue, so long as the host of each game being passed gives express permission.
    5. Every time that a player is modkilled or force subbed out of a game, they receive a strike. A strike lasts for six months.
    6. A forummer with no strikes must be allowed to sign up if requested. A forummer with one or two strikes may be denied at the host's discretion. A forummer with three strikes may not be allowed to sign up.

    • <offending player> - <game offense took place in> - <offense>
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