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Zunisha the elephant

Discussion in 'One Piece' started by Rohan, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Rohan Guest

    It was said that Zunisha the elephant is 1000 years old. This means that it existed during the Void Century. It has a road poneglyph in it's Whale Tree which in itself is a reference to the Tree of Knowledge in Ohara. All these hints tell us that Zamisha must know something about the Void Century and if Momonosuke is able to properly communicate with him, some valuable information would be obtained.

    Second is the curse of Zamisha which makes him walk for eternity. Where is he walking to ? Could he be walking to Raftel, his destination which is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Void Century ?

    Even further, we know that Zunisha only listens to the orders of the Kozuki clan successors (In this case it was Momonosuke). The Kozuki clan were the ones who made the poneglyphs. Perhaps, Zumisa was cursed to be the guardian of the road poneglyph on it's back by a Kozuki clan member as not only Pirates but even the World Government was after it to get to the final island, Raftel.

    The final point to consider is this. The poneglyphs record the history of the Void Century -> Four road poneglyphs point to Raftel -> Thus, the final secret of the Void Century is buried in Raftel.

    Discuss the possibilities.

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